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a fabulous companion

Posted on: 21 August 2009

everyone, i would like you to meet my new friend:

this is ELLA.  she’s an 8-year-old tortie rescue kitty.

i had my eye on her for awhile, and i finally got to pick her up last saturday.  she’s adjusting very well — was a bit timid at first and hid under the bed for a few hours when i first brought her home, but since then she’s been doing great.  she’s slept on my bed with me every night she’s been here, and she loves to sit on my lap on the couch.  and she greets me when i come home from work!  such a lovely companion.

i picked the name “ella” because it’s a beautiful, graceful name for a beautiful, graceful cat.  plus, it reminds me of ella fitzgerald and eleanor roosevelt.  and ella already has a bunch of nicknames: ella-belle, ella-bear (because her coloring looks sort of like a bear), shadow cat (because my mom said she looks like a silhouette in photos), and coffee paw (because one of her paws is coffee-colored).

oh, and since a couple people have asked, i decided to go with an adult cat for several reasons.  first, not a lot of people want to adopt adult cats, so they’re often overlooked at shelters and therefore pretty rarely get placed into homes.  second, since i’m at work all day, i can’t constantly be looking after a kitten and making sure it doesn’t get into trouble.  finally — and most importantly — my apartment complex unfortunately requires that cats be declawed.  so that meant i had to find a cat who was already declawed, because i’m very ethically opposed to the procedure and refuse to have it done to any cat.  ella was declawed by her previous owners many years ago before coming to the shelter, so i could adopt her with zero guilt. :)

anyway, that was all too long.  but yes, ella is proving to be a lovely friend and companion, and a fabulous addition to my apartment.


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