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summary: rachel. 23. journalist, musican, dancer. atlanta, ga.

but wait, there’s MORE!

i grew up in a splendidly rural, spacious, and green neighborhood in north carolina.  in 2008, i graduated from duke university and moved to atlanta to start my job as a journalist/producer.  if you meet me, you’ll probably ask why i don’t have a southern accent. it’s because neither of my parents is from the south and i’ve spent a lot of time up north. the next thing you’ll probably say is either “i love your basketball team” or “i hate your basketball team.” more likely the latter. but don’t feel bad; we enjoy being hated. and speaking of basketball, yes, i’ve tented out for duke basketball in krzyzewskiville. once for almost two months, and it was absolutely worth it. now that i no longer have to live in a tent for basketball tickets, i live in a cozy little nest in atlanta with my nine-year-old tortie cat, ella.

i like: green jasmine tea, grilled cheese sandwiches, sunshine, constitutional and intellectual property law, ella fitzgerald, christmas lights, cities, apple powerbooks, my down comforter, musicals, coffee shops, museums, tap dancing like i know what i’m doing (which i don’t), egyptian art, reading the paper and listening to npr, the serial comma, and throwing my bow arm into the air after playing the last note of a symphony.

i dislike: math problems involving distance or unit conversion, wearing socks in the summertime, feeling unorganized, ignorance, really cold weather, when people misuse the word “literally,” light bulbs burning out, waking up really late, and non-sugar-free gum.



I'm a twentysomething journalist who lives in Atlanta, loves all things artsy, and updates this blog from the cozy pink chair in my living room. More?


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