musings from the pink chair


Posted on: 5 May 2010

warning: small rant enclosed.

do you know what is majorly annoying? people’s attitude towards and lack of knowledge about “mental health.”

to begin with, it should not be a separate category from “physical health.” because it IS physical. it’s not like people decide to have a mental illness. it’s caused by chemicals and hormones and PHYSICAL problems, just like every other disease. why is it put in a different, stigmatized category just because it has to do with the brain instead of any other organ?

but ANYWAY, it is apparently “mental health month” this month and HR is like, oh, we should promote mental health for our employees for mental health month. which is fine. but do you know what they did? they set up a table where they gave out free pens and then you could wait in line to have a free “chair massage.”

right. because if you’d just relax a little and get a massage, all your “mental health” issues will magically disappear. just like relaxing cures cancer and diabetes and arthritis and every other medical problem without a cure. GOSH, ALL THOSE PEOPLE WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA AND DISSOCIATIVE PERSONALITIES AND DEPRESSION AND OCD AND AUTISM AND PSYCHOPATHY SHOULD JUST CALM DOWN A LITTLE AND GET SOME REST AND THEY WILL BE ALL BETTER.

it’s like the people who are healthy saying that they don’t want universal health care because they don’t want to pay for everyone else’s health care because if they’d just eat well and exercise a little nothing would ever go wrong. YES, BECAUSE NOT EXERCISING CAUSES CANCER. THAT LANCE ARMSTRONG, HE WAS JUST NOT IN GOOD SHAPE.


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