musings from the pink chair


Posted on: 25 March 2010

okay, i have to say this:


it’s disgusting. it tastes like sizzled lard. the texture varies between really hard and really squishy. it makes me want to vomit.

i feel the need to put that out there because BACON IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. it’s showing up in EVERYTHING. pasta sauce. seafood. BROWNIES AND DOUGHNUTS. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

next time i try to order scallops, i don’t want to have to settle for something else because they can’t make the sauce without the freaking bacon. and bacon in DOUGHNUTS? anyone who thinks it’s possible to improve on a hot krispy kreme original glazed, especially by contaminating it with bacon, is clearly certifiable.


1 Response to "pigs"

lol. bacon definately doesn’t belong in dougnuts.
But i do like bacon.
Sorry. lol

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