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Posted on: 3 March 2010

late winter and spring are the most depressing seasons.  this may seem ironic since spring is supposedly a season of new beginnings and awakenings, when the flowers bloom and baby animals are born. WRONG! spring is a big tease. it wants you to think that the weather is going to be beautiful and warm and sunny, and then it’s freezing and rainy until june.

anyway, the seasons definitely affect my mood and my health.  i’m not sure if it’s legitimate SAD or just annoyance, but almost every year i get all tired and depressed from mid-january (after the high from the holidays wears off) until it gets warm(ish) in may.  this year, to help fend it off, i decided to join listography (the site is run by the same people who make the cute paper journals) and do one of their suggested lists — “100 things in the world i love.”

…except i don’t really think it’s working. i’ve been at it for a month and i’m only on number 29.  see?  i told you winter was depressing.  what else should i add?

[also, all of you should join listography because it’s great when you’re too lazy to come up with actual content for your blog. :) ]


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