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Posted on: 6 February 2010

i mailed two letters this week.  two! …except i almost dropped them in the letterbox without stamps on.  apparently i’m forgetting how to use this archaic technology.

i only send actual, physical mail maybe three or four times a year.  it’s usually thank-you notes, because i’m a stickler for those – when someone gives you a gift or does something nice for you, an email or phone call just won’t do.  these letters, for example, were thank-you notes for belated christmas gifts.

so ANYWAY, i had to go buy stamps, and i of course got the self-adhesive kind.  which begs the question: where are the self-adhesive envelopes?  i don’t really enjoy licking things that taste like paper and glue.  (and if you watch seinfeld, you probably don’t either.)  not to mention that i also don’t really like touching things that other people have licked.  but maybe that’s just me.


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