musings from the pink chair


Posted on: 30 January 2010

everyone is changing their facebook photo to their celebrity doppelganger.  the problem is, i’ve only been compared to two celebrities, and both are ridiculous.  one is natalie portman, and only when i wear makeup and make my hair look decent.

i mean, it’s plausible. sort of. on a good hair day.

the other, which i hate to even mention, is….isaac hanson.  when i was in like sixth grade and hanson was cool, i had very frizzy big hair and huge out-of-control eyebrows. and i stupidly parted my hair down the middle. so i probably did, in fact, look a tiny bit like isaac hanson.

to be fair, they all did look more like girls than guys at that time. but still.  those were not good years for me.


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