musings from the pink chair

the year of the suck

Posted on: 6 January 2010

so, 2009 was pretty much awful.  that’s the general consensus, from what i can tell.  even among those of us who were (amazingly) lucky enough not to be too screwed over by the economy (knock on wood).  it was just a depressing year.  and actually, this whole decade has been less than outstanding.

2010…everyone seems to be optimistic.  but it’s not really starting off on the right foot to blast the entire united states with insanely frigid weather, now is it? come on, 2010.  get your act together.  you don’t want to be The Year That Sucked, Pt. II.  you want to be the year of win.  the fresh start to the new decade.  and you can begin by warming it up 20 degrees or so.  or by giving us some snow, because if i’m going to withstand wind chills that reach FOUR DEGREES then i at least expect some good skiing and sledding to go along with it.  and snowboarding.  i want to learn snowboarding.  it looks fun.

this entry doesn’t really have a point yet.  if this was an english class, i’d be getting a D right now.  so here’s the point, i guess: 2010 has to be better than 2009.  and if it’s not, i will…i don’t know.  but it will be bad.


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