musings from the pink chair

people who annoy me

Posted on: 2 January 2010

people i can do without:

jack black, the snotty kids who make your sandwich at bruegger’s, people who ride public transit with large and/or overly-stuffed backpacks, chris walla (this may surprise you, but if you had the same lengthy conversation with him that i did, he’d be on your list too), entitled moms with strollers who cut in front of you at target, oprah, philip seymour hoffman,  people who have loud conversations in public restrooms (times two if it’s on a cell phone), young people who complain about how “old” they are, security guards who think it’s their job to stop customers from entering a store or staff from entering a workplace, ryan seacrest, customer service reps who are clearly reading from a script, and anyone who claims to love pachelbel’s canon.


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