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Posted on: 31 December 2009

that title is supposed to be a reference to the snug-wow. but i don’t think it’s obvious enough.

so at work, for our christmas gift, the company gave us all snuggies. SNUGGIES. i think it’s a nod to the fact that the building is always so freezing cold that i brought in both a space heater and a heating pad. to use alongside my wool jacket and gloves. but i digress.

so. snuggies. i ripped mine out of the package and was mildly disappointed to discover that snuggies are basically made out of felt masquerading as fleece.  am i the only person who has a strong, visceral hatred of felt? because i really do. it’s one of the most unpleasant textures on earth, akin, for me, to the sound of fingernails scratching on a blackboard. it’s cringe-inducing. why anyone would want to make felt-like material into The Blanket That Has Sleeves™ is beyond me.

so i figured that the snuggie would probably die a slow death in an underbed storage box, and that it will only be discovered many years from now when my future child says “mom, why do we have this funny-shaped blanket?” and i think back to 2009 and how the people in the snuggie commercials looked like cult members and groan.

HOWEVER, i still tested it out when i got home. (i mean, how could you not?) and…the thing is decently warm. and if i’m wearing long sleeves i might not notice the texture.

…it might end up being a keeper after all.


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