musings from the pink chair


Posted on: 23 December 2009

i have those adidas running shoes with the spring-like bottoms. you know, the ones that have holes in them to make them light?

except mine are lavendar and gray instead of carolina blue and gray.

anyway, i don’t have my hiking boots with me, so i had to wear my running shoes to traipse around in the several inches of snow that fell here. our backyard is basically woods, and my dad and sister wanted me to come walk around with them.

the result, of course, was that the bottoms of my shoes got completely packed full of snow, and as i walked back onto the porch to go inside, snow was shooting out of my shoes from every angle. it was amusing.

i don’t really know why i’m telling you this, except that the moral of the story (which i should really know by now) = never assume that you won’t need your hiking boots.

also: might have a white christmas for only like the second time in my life. yipee.


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