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bad taste or brilliance?

Posted on: 20 November 2009

i’m a furniture minimalist.  as in, i like very clean, simple furniture.  no super-obvious hardware, no big, heavy wood, little or no decorative details, no dark, formal colors.  i want furniture to be a blank slate so the other stuff in my house — art, photos, objects, windows, accents — can take center stage.

so naturally, i love ikea.  not because it’s cheap (although that doesn’t hurt).  but because the first time i went there and saw the low malm dresser in birch, i knew it was exactly what i wanted.  that $80 dresser was what i’d pictured in my mind when i imagined my apartment.  and it’s not that i know nothing about furnishings.  i’ve been to the furniture market in high point (apparently the home furnishings and furniture capital of the world).  i always gravitate towards the modern section.  last time i was there, i loved a delightfully simple $8,000 bed that i later discovered was identical to ikea’s $200 malm bed.

everybody my age always talks about not wanting to fill their apartment with ikea stuff, because then it’ll “look like every other city-dweller twentysomething’s apartment.”  they search thrift stores, craigslist, and the like for vintage furniture and stuff that can be rehabbed.  and that’s lovely for them.  but i don’t *want* that amazing midcentury cherry armoire that you found for cheap on craigslist. and i don’t want to repaint a vintage nightstand just for the sake of having something different.  i have my ektorp couch and malm dressers because i like them, not because they were easy.

so, maybe i have bad taste, or maybe i just have lucky taste.  but that’s why, despite my love of decorating and sprucing up my little fourth floor apartment nest, you probably won’t find me posting before-and-after pictures of repainting a goodwill end table.  hopefully soon i’ll save enough to replace my minimalist ikea furniture with minimalist investment furniture.  but for now, i’m cool with my “generic” malm.


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