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sort of hating myself/modern society right now

Posted on: 20 October 2009

it is seriously ridiculous how nervous losing my duke email account is making me.

it’s going away at midnight, i.e. 58 minutes.

and i’m sitting on my bed with my stomach in knots, making doubly, tripley, infinite times sure that i have everything backed up.  i forwarded it to my gmail.  i downloaded everything to my mac.  and then i downloaded it all again to my external hard drive.  i told mail (like outlook, but for macs) to save everything to my local drive instead of the mail server.  i set up mail forwarding and told everyone important about my new email address.

and yet i still feel the need to sit here until midnight, just to make sure everything works — not that there will be anything i can do about it if it doesn’t.

oh, anxiety-ridden brain.  you’ve generally served me well.  you made me a good student, a hard worker, someone who meticulously plans for the future.  but sometimes you really need to just shut up.


1 Response to "sort of hating myself/modern society right now"

that seriously made me nervous and sad… i was kind of hoping they wouldn’t take it away- that i’d somehow slip through the cracks of the duke system!

alas, no takers. i miss duke!

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