musings from the pink chair

things i’m so over

Posted on: 19 October 2009

  • burberry check.  it’s not pretty.  full stop.
  • capiz lamps and chandeliers.  do people have any idea how dated those things are going to look in another year?  plus, they look like they belong in a tween girl’s bedroom.
  • cinnamon brooms.  can somebody please tell me what is up with these???  my entire life the only context in which they ever appeared was, like, hanging on some hillbilly’s front door.  and now whole foods has them.  WHOLE FOODS.  and not only do they carry them, they put them right up front when you walk in the store so you can’t miss them.  what?  does ANYONE buy them?
  • giant headboards.  so, i’m getting a new bed, and all the headboards i see are like seven feet tall.  it looks awful and disproportionate.
  • halloween.  i’ve never understood why people get so excited about what is quite possibly the worst “major” holiday of the year.  i even have a decent costume this year, and i’m still not excited.
  • burnt orange cars.  yet another item to add to my list of items that are going to look incredibly dated by next year.
  • DVDs.  i think i need to buy one of those roku boxes.
  • aeron chairs.  we have these at work, and at a thousand bucks a pop, they’re not nearly as comfy as they should be.  honestly, i’d rather have a laptop and a floor cushion.  or maybe one of those big poufy chairs like they had in the duke library.
  • dark, ugly linens.  when i was buying new sheets and such for college, there were all these gorgeous, subtle, delicate, and sophisticated colors and florals from ralph lauren, laura ashley, and the like.  now everything is dark and bold and hideous.  thank goodness for shabby chic, the only place i’ve recently been able to find tan-pink sheets.
  • gmail’s “conversations.”  ok, hear me out.  i like almost everything about gmail.  but the way it archives your messages into “conversations” rather than by time/date is extremely annoying.  i have no idea what’s what, what came in when, etc.  if i need to find an old email, whoops, it’s hiding somewhere at the bottom of some random “conversation.”  i get the idea and, in theory, it’s a good one.  but in practice, i like to keep things simple.

and here’s something i’m not over: eggo pancakes.  mmmm, those things are good when i don’t have the time/energy to make actual pancakes.  but good maple syrup is crucial, obvi.


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