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my generation

Posted on: 11 October 2009

after realizing that i’m now 23 and my “growing up” years are basically over, i’ve discovered something:

my generation got MAJORLY culturally shafted.

’20s: jazz, flappers, modernism, lost generation, prohibition, end of silent film, scopes monkey trial

’30s: fred astaire etc., art deco, frank lloyd wright, hollywood golden age, WPA art/social realism, cubism

’40s: big band/swing, world war II kitsch, citizen kane

’50s: post-war euphoria, poodle skirts & malt shops, elvis/rock ‘n’ roll, the beach boys, abstract expressionism, pop art, marilyn monroe, barbie, beat generation, TVs in homes, brown v. board

’60s: the beatles, hippies/counterculture, woodstock, more racial integration, more pop art, feminism/women’s movement, the pill invented, moon landing

’70s: more hippies, pink floyd, start of widespread environmentalism, disco, star wars, arcade games

’80s: punk, glam rock, metal, michael jackson, flashdance/footloose etc., elton john, madonna, queen

and now, let’s take a look at the decade that i had the pleasure of growing up in:

’90s: grunge. boy bands. britney spears. home video game consoles. pokemon. baywatch. mcdonald’s goes worldwide. oj simpson. monica lewinsky. y2k paranoia.

in all fairness, here are a couple of good things that happened in the ’90s: end of the cold war (though i was too young to really understand the significance of the berlin wall falling), the internet, rise of sitcoms (seinfeld etc.).  but this still doesn’t make up for our lack of legitimate culture.



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