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mi gente

Posted on: 2 October 2009

i had a slightly awkward conversation with an overly friendly checkout guy while shopping today:

checkout guy: [looks at my credit card] your last name is rodriguez?
me: [confused] um, yeah
guy: …are you hispanic?
me: [more confused] yeah, half
guy: [excitedly] oh!  my wife is hispanic!
me: [polite smile and acknowledging “ah”]
guy: [huge smile, silence]
me: [awkward silence, waiting for some sort of anecdote or comment or point for the ethnicity mention]
guy: [huge smile, apparently non-awkward silence]

and…scene.  that was it.  i was like, what, are we supposed to bond now?  because your wife is latina and i’m semi-latina?  i have nothing to say about that.  really, like how was i supposed to respond?  what was he expecting?  “OMG NO WAY!  there are so few hispanics in the US; i can’t believe i found someone else with hispanic relatives!  OMG, IS SHE CUBAN?!  no?  oh, too bad.  we could have bonded some more.”

so yes, i know he was just making conversation, but…awkward.  dude, couldn’t you just complain about the freezing cold weather?


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