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nothing but gray

Posted on: 22 September 2009

ugh, rain is so bloody depressing.  even if i’m indoors, i can sense that it’s raining and it causes me to lose all motivation/cheer/energy.  rain and storms also give me migraines (it’s true; the changes in pressure are migraine triggers for a lot of people).  i’m thanking my lucky stars that i haven’t gotten one yet, since atlanta is in the middle of a torrential monsoon.

yeah, so when i moved here, i wasn’t warned that atlanta has a monsoon season.  but judging from the past week or so, um, yeah, it does.  the whole city is flooded — cars underwater, power off, schools closed, the works.  luckily, i live on a hill, on the fourth floor, so no problems there.  but GOD do i hate rain.

i loved it when we were in the middle of a drought.  “drought” is just a code word for lovely, warm, sunny weather.  i think droughts provide the most perfect conditions of all — too bad about that whole sustaining life thing that rain has going for it.

anyway, rain blows except under two circumstances: 1) if it’s misting lightly on a warm summer evening when you’re taking a walk through the park, and 2) if it’s snow.  anything else is unacceptable.  fact.


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