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how to walk a cat

Posted on: 28 August 2009

ella-cat has been begging me to take her outside since last weekend. but, ATL being a city and her being declawed, i obviously can’t just let her out. i’d heard of harnesses and leashes for cats, but i always assumed they’d never work. i mean, a cat is not a dog, it doesn’t seem like they’d take too kindly to being restrained by a human.

BUT, since the harness was only like 8 bucks at petsmart, i figured it was at least worth a try – ella wanted to go outside so badly. so yesterday i picked up a shiny purple harness and leash for her. and today, we tested them out.

ella complained a little when i was snapping the harness on her, but after that she didn’t even notice it. i clipped on her leash and opened the door, figuring i’d wait for her to take the lead.

and…SUCCESS! she pranced out the door, exploring the little breezeway, looking out at the trees, birds, whatever. and then she proceeded down the stairs – prudently, but not like she was frightened at all. she explored around for maybe five minutes before a horrid moving truck drove up and started beeping its horn. she did not like that – rushed back to the door of my apartment and asked me to let her back in. so in we went.

i’m seriously impressed. and also kind of excited – maybe i can take her to the park! she now has her nose planted against the balcony doors, no doubt plotting her next outdoor adventure. awesome!

i also have a few photos of her modeling her new harness – those’ll be on flickr soon.


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