musings from the pink chair

new marketing director needed

Posted on: 18 August 2009

for express, that is.

the other day i got an email from them boldly proclaiming “TUNICS + LEGGINGS = THE NEW SEXY.”  yeah, thanks for the tip, guys.  it would have been helpful like three years ago.  fail.

but that is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the disaster that arrived in my inbox this morning.  behold:

fashion fail

yes, that is an ACID WASH DENIM SKIRT.  possibly the worst disaster of the ’80s (yes, including chernobyl and the challenger explosion) has once again reared its ugly head (in a place other than urban outfitters, but that disaster of a store doesn’t count).

do not, under any circumstances, even consider buying that skirt.  i’m talking to all of you.  don’t even consider walking into express to try it on.  i beg of you.


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