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the cult of the red envelope

Posted on: 9 August 2009

i finally gave in. i joined netflix.

netflix logo

my parents have had it basically since netflix was invented, so i experienced the glory of the red envelope arriving in the mail when i was in high school.  and two friends had it in college, so we could watch whatever we wanted (that wasn’t already available on the school’s network, of course).  but ever since i moved to atlanta, i’ve been doing without.

there just weren’t enough movies that i was dying to see.  i couldn’t justify it.  but then i remembered — TELEVISION ON DVD.

i don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier that i didn’t have to wait for reruns of house, or seinfeld, or 30 rock, or whatever to appear on TV.  and i don’t even have cable, so justifying the $9 a month for unlimited DVDs is easy.  cable’s what, $50 a month?  and i could probably count the number of channels i’d watch on one hand.

so i joined last week and received my first DVD (weeds, season three, disc one) yesterday.  OH JOY.  i may have to get another external hard drive.


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