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fashion breakthroughs

Posted on: 6 August 2009

i’ve had a few cool fashion milestones in my life.  first pair of jeans, first heels, prom dress, concert dress, all my college hoodies (yes, that counts), first pair of (ahem) ugg boots.  this one i’m about to mention is a minor one, but it counts.

yesterday i wore a dress over jeans.  i’ve never done that before; it always felt too hippie-ish, too grunge, too…non-matching and not pretty.  BUT while trying on my new free people sundress (that place is my major clothing weakness), i left my skinny jeans on, and i noticed that they looked surprisingly pretty together.  so i took a deep breath and wore the combo to work yesterday.

…i don’t think anybody noticed.  but it was kind of a big deal to me.  i don’t usually wear attention-grabbing clothing, and this felt…at least noticeable.  so.  hmm.


1 Response to "fashion breakthroughs"

I noticed! It was super cute :) Welcome to the jeans-over-dresses club.

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