musings from the pink chair

outside the pink chair

Posted on: 20 July 2009

this update comes to you not from my super-cozy pink chair, but from my fourth floor (and it’s a walk-up, kids) balcony.  huzzah!

the weather yesterday and today is the closest it’s been to perfection since i moved to atlanta a year ago.  temperature is hovering around 80 or just below, sun is out but not blazing, and just the tiniest bit of wind.  see?  it really is perfect.  it compelled me to sweep all the sunflower seed husks off the balcony (that’s what i get for feeding the birds and squirrels), water my plants, and, most importantly, sit out on the balc with a pellegrino limonata (yummm) to use my laptop.  thank god for wireless internet.  getting that cheap router four years ago was possibly the best $30 i’ve spent in a long time.

hmm.  i think the birds are getting annoyed with me now for sitting too close to their feeder.  they keep flying past and chirping at me.  but too bad, they get free run of the balcony almost every day.  they’re just going to have to deal with it until i finish this limonata.


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