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positive negativity

Posted on: 17 July 2009

sometimes i really miss college — friends, classes, dorm living, gorgeous campus.  so to remind myself how good i have it now, here are some things that i do NOT miss about duke:

–a cappella groups
–bhangra everywhere, all the time
–riding the C1 (bus between east and west campus)
–emails asking to borrow stamps/envelopes/laundry detergent/aspirin/other mundane stuff you could go buy at the lobby shop in less than two minutes for under a dollar
–sigma nu
–gross chem (that’s its name; i’m not editorializing. it’s actually called the gross chemistry building. and it is pretty gross looking, especially compared to the rest of campus)
–career fairs that pretend to be for everyone but are actually only for future i-bankers
–working at african drumming concerts. after about 10 minutes, my ears start to bleed from the sheer volume
–having to do laundry in a dorm-wide laundry room

so there you have it.  college was pretty sweet, but let’s be honest, i love having my own bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen, even if it can get a bit lonely sometimes.


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