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pancakes for one (are no fun)

Posted on: 15 July 2009

i like living alone most of the time.  i don’t have to watch anyone else’s favorite TV shows, i can tap dance in my kitchen and do yoga on the balcony (really), and there are no awkward bills or chores to split.  the one thing that sucks, though, is living alone when you like to cook.

cooking for one sucks.  it just does.  you have to constantly go [EDIT: omg! split infinitive. style fail] to go to whole foods/trader joe’s/wherever constantly because if you buy more than you need for a few days, all the food starts to go bad.  recipes are always designed to feed at least four people, so you either have to guess and cut the proportions down or make the whole thing, freeze the leftovers, and eat them for two solid weeks.  AND there’s no one to cook with and no one to admire your lovely culinary creations.

like this fruit tart, for example:

i made it when my parents came to visit.  and now i want to make another one.  …but it’s so huge.  so i think what i’ll do is make a bunch of mini-tarts in cupcake pans and bring them to work.  people go nuts for free food at work (although not as nuts as at duke, but it would be hard to match that), so i hope that works.  we’ll see.  yum.

oh, and i hope everyone enjoyed my of montreal quotation in the subject line.  as jake would say, “i’m so freaking indie right now.”


2 Responses to "pancakes for one (are no fun)"

Yeah. I hear you. I hate it when my food goes bad and I have to buy more… like right now, I am cleaning out my fridge of half-eaten things that ideally should have been consumed. Beautiful goodies up there, though. Good luck with the blog!

I am a little confused about what we should be doing with all these blogs and tumblrs and whatnot. It is hard to update it all. We will find a way through all these horrible insufferable difficulties! LOL.

YES. so. many. blogs. and blog-like things. personally, twitter’s the one i could do without. i like blogs and tumblrs, but twitter can be a little much.

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