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it’s midnight and I created a new blog

Posted on: 12 July 2009

So, the thing is, i already have a blog.  I already have a twitter.  And a flickr.  Oh, yes, and even a tumblr where i store things that make me happy.  But I felt like I needed an additional blog, a new blog, a fresh one for my relatively fresh life as a semi-functioning, adult-ish kid.

See, I’ve had a blog since the eighth grade.  Not always the same one.  I started off with a tacky page that had gif animations all over it and wrote three-sentence posts that included words like “kewl,” “pix,” and “hottie.”  Then in high school I ditched the gifs and the HTML marquees and figured out the excellence that is CSS.  And cut down on the unfortunate teen girl language.  In college, I decided that my blog should become private, and so for the past four or five years, it has been.  Only about 40 people can access it.  It’s not like there’s anything scandalous in there or anything; it’s just become less like a blog and more like a journal and a way to keep in touch with good friends.  So, to fill the void – because, let’s be honest, Twitter can’t take the place of a real blog – I decided to create this new WordPress blog.

Still deciding how I feel about WordPress, however.  Ideally, I need to buy a domain (my Duke site will probably go away in a year or so; I think they take our web space away a couple years after graduation) and install real wordpress on it, but that’s not really at the top of my priorities list at the moment.  We’ll have see how much the lack of customization ability on this site annoys me.


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